Infographic: Influence And Social Media

Every day more people join these platforms because they are a medium used to spread constant information and ideas either for personal or business purposes.  There is plenty information, statistics and figures regarding the use of social media, as well as the advantages it offers. However one important aspect of social media that deserves closer examination is how influential social media is in terms of people having influence over others or people being influenced by “trending”  topics and ideas. Therefore we have selected a great infographic first published on to show you how social media is changing our lives.

1. It’s global

Social media has seen an enormous growth in active monthly users. It has been estimated that one out of seven people on earth is using Facebook. According to the data  (January 2013) Facebook is still by far the largest social media platform. To put these figures in perspective, 185 of the planet’s countries have smaller populations than the smallest platform Pinterest (40 million users)

2. It’s time consuming

Internet users are spending more time per month on social media. Once again Facebook leads the way (405 minutes per month) and despite the rapid growth in Google + users, the figures indicate that perhaps its not as popular as this suggest with users spending only 3 minutes per month on the platform.

3. It’s addictive!

More and more evidence is emerging to suggest that once you get into social media you’re hooked! What’s more it seems that people now feel that it is ok to interrupt their lives, giving it priority over other activities – even more imitiate ones. 7%  of people surveyed said they would check a message during an intimate moment!

4. It influences life Offline

The use of social media is changing behaviour off line as well as on.  Users of social media, used to voicing their opinions in cyberspace are now more prepared than the average internet to give their views on subjects off line.  Social media users are 44% more likely to give their opinions on politics or current events and 45% are more likely to give their opinion on a TV program. The figures also suggest that social media makes users more social with 45% more likely to go on a date and 19% more likely to attend to a professional sporting event.

5. It help businesses

Companies of all sizes have realised the impact social media has on their business and are taking advantage of the opportunities that the various platforms  offer to connect with their customers.

65% of small business owners said that social media helped them stay engaged with customers

64% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy the brands they follow online.

50% of social media under 35 follow their online friends’ product and service recommendations.

Influence and Social Media - Infographic

Social media now plays a major role in our lives. Even for those among us who are yet to embrace any of the platforms, there is no escaping the fact that social media  permeates many different aspects of our lives a global communication channel on a scale previously unimagined.

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